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CEO Christine Spadafor is founder of SpadaforClay Group — a Boston management consulting firm. She is a Managing Partner at The Coltala Group, a private equity firm. Former CEO of St. Jude's Ranch for Children, Christine Spadafor was a partner in the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and other leading strategy firms. As a Board of Directors member for a publicly traded NYSE company, Christine Spadafor chairs its Governance Committee. 

Christine Spadafor - Background

Christine Spadafor is a Boston management consultant. The former CEO of St. Jude's Ranch for Children, she was a partner in the Boston Consulting Group and other leading management consulting firms. 

Christine Spadafor, CEO

about christine spadafor

Welcome to the site! I am a management consultant, board advisor, lawyer, and former CEO. A graduate of Harvard Law School and the Harvard School of Public Health, I lecture as a Visiting Executive at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. I am Managing Director of Coltala Holdings, an innovative private equity firm. I also serve on the Board of Directors for Boyd Gaming Corporation.

I founded SpadaforClay Group after years as a partner at top management consulting firms, including BCG (The Boston Consulting Group), CSC Index, and AlixPartners.  In founding SpadaforClay, my goal was — and remains — to help boards of directors, C-suite executives, and management teams innovate and achieve new levels of performance. Over the past decade I have been privileged to work closely with first-rate clients and dedicated colleagues, and I am proud of what we accomplished together. Please read their kind recommendations on the sites listed below:

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Christine Spadafor Background Profile

Christine Spadafor - Management Consultant - logo

The history behind my logo

The SpadaforClay logo incorporates symbolism that ties to both my ancestry and my firm...

Only two generations ago, my hard-working Southern Italian family was tilling soil in the region of Calabria. They did not own the orchards where the gnarly olive trees grew; they were laborers in the field.  Theirs was a hard life — and out of it grew the restlessness to seek opportunity in America. Despite the numerous challenges of starting anew in the United States, they always found a way to overcome obstacles. My ancestors were committed, practical, and productive.
I am deeply grateful to my extended family — and for their sacrifices through which I have been given much.  Every day I seek to honor them through the committed work I bring to my clients.
A sharp-eyed visitor to my office will notice a slender stick leaning against the corner.  It is not an ordinary piece of wood – it is a small branch from an olive tree from the very farm where my grandparents toiled.  A daily reminder of what is now expected of me to honor them.
The resonance of the olive branch is not only personal, but also connected to the commitment I bring to my clients.  I work with clients to address their business challenges in practical and productive ways – whether developing strategies to set the direction forward, crafting pre-and-post-M&A integration, setting goals for sustainable growth or eliminating obstacles for how directors on boards work together.
I am committed to my clients — both in developing and implementing practical (not just theoretical) solutions. With every single engagement, my focus is on achieving exceptional business results.  So if you are looking for a consultant who has been in your position (making payroll, managing staff, answering to a board of directors, and needing to get things done under real-world conditions), we should talk.