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CEO Christine Spadafor is founder of SpadaforClay Group — a Boston management consulting firm. She is a Managing Partner at The Coltala Group, a private equity firm. Former CEO of St. Jude's Ranch for Children, Christine Spadafor was a partner in the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and other leading strategy firms. As a Board of Directors member for a publicly traded NYSE company, Christine Spadafor chairs its Governance Committee. 

Christine Spadafor - Testimonials

Testimonials for Christine Spadafor (CEO of SpadaforClay Group) from clients, colleagues and other leaders in business and academia. Christine Spadafor is the former Chief Executive of St. Jude's Ranch for Children. 

Christine Spadafor Testimonials

Dean Paul Danos

Dean Emeritus - Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

"Christine Spadafor brings a wealth of experience to the Tuck classroom – CEO, senior consultant, board member, and leader. Students and faculty alike have greatly enjoyed Christine’s regular trips to Tuck as a Visiting Executive, where she brings her personal experiences to the classroom in a way that students find energizing and informative."


Travis Fagan

Managing Director | McKinsey & Company

Christine Spadafor is a smart and decisive business leader, who led a turnaround of St. Jude's Ranch for Children over the course of several years. She took an organization that was struggling in its strategy, operations, governance, and funding situation, and turned it into a thriving and growing philanthropy. I had the pleasure to see Christine in action as a CEO and was deeply impressed. In addition to her terrific business skills, she also possesses remarkable empathy and is a kind and caring person. Truly the full package! I have learned a lot from Christine and consider her an advisor and friend.


Dean Hallett

Executive Vice President Operations and Strategy | Chief Financial Officer, Fox Filmed Entertainment

I have known Christine Spadafor for over 16 years, and have tapped into her consulting expertise on a number of occasions.  With each engagement, it was critical to achieve exceptional results by driving substantial value to the organization, and Christine has always delivered.  When it comes to breaking through all the politics and ambient noise around a project or a process, she is the best!
Christine is a “go-to” resource for me because I know I will have access to her candid advice, consistent execution and exceptional client service.  I have great respect for her and trust her implicitly, and therefore have had great confidence in reaching out to her on many occasions.  Christine’s focus on client relations and communication assures me that I will be kept  well-informed of a program’s progress.  When she spots a problem, I get a straightforward and candid assessment (no surprises), including what’s working and what needs to be fixed.
With the rate of change and disruption in our business, Christine’s innovative strategies, well-designed programs, and consistency in implementation/achieving results are critical.  She can see the “big picture” strategy and then bird-dog the smallest details to ensure a project’s success.
Christine is the consummate team player who helps foster new capabilities and professional growth in those around her.  She demonstrates outstanding skills, professionalism, integrity, work ethic, and consistent delivery of business results.  Her approach is always refreshing, and I strongly recommend her as a key resource for driving change in any organization.


Sister Candace Introcaso, CDP, Ph.D.

President of La Roche College

"La Roche College takes great pride in Christine Spadafor.

Since earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration and Management, summa cum laude, in 1979, Christine has built a reputation in both the corporate and not-for-profit worlds as an innovator, entrepreneur and humanitarian. For those accomplishments, La Roche inducted her into the College’s Distinguished Alumni Circle, awarded her an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters and invited her to deliver the 2015 Commencement Address…

The La Roche experience has shown us that Christine cares – about organizations and the people who make them successful. And she shares – in meaningful ways that leave positive, lasting impressions."


Tom Girardi

Partner, Girardi & Keese

"I have known Christine Spadafor since 2009, and I am proud to have served with her on the Boyd Gaming Corporation Board of Directors for more than five years.

Christine has been an outstanding contributor to Boyd's Board of Directors. Through her insights, she has helped advance the strategy of the organization. As the former Chair of the Board's Compensation Committee, Christine served with me on this committee and demonstrated a keen understanding of the complexity of corporate compensation and related issues.

In addition to her wide-ranging professional experience and deep understanding of board dynamics, she has always demonstrated a strong commitment to ethics and professionalism. As a measure of my personal and professional regard, I invited Christine Spadafor to be a guest on "Champions of Justice" — my syndicated radio show produced in Los Angeles. Without question, she was one of the most engaging and outstanding guests we have had the pleasure to broadcast.

Christine is a consummate team player. Truly, it has always been a pleasure to work with her. My highest recommendation!"


Eric Hart

Executive Director, Mortgage Banking Customer Operations at Chase

"Christine Spadafor is that rare breed of leader who combines passion with professionalism. I had the opportunity to work with her closely and see firsthand what she built at St. Jude's Ranch- a first class organization that excelled equally at competence and compassion. Christine's dedication to the organization and the energy she brought to staff, donors and children was infectious. She resurrected an oasis in the desert for kids in need."


Donald F. Ralph

Senior Vice President at Staples, Inc.

I came to know Christine Spadafor during her long tenure as CEO of St. Jude’s Ranch for Children (SJRC), a nationally recognized nonprofit that serves abused and abandoned children. In her role as SJRC's chief executive, Christine initiated a partnership with Staples  — America's largest office-supply retailer — to support St. Jude’s Ranch through donations of merchandise and other forms of support.

When considering requests for charitable contributions, Staples seeks out well-run nonprofits with a commitment to accountability and results. Staples executives toured  operations at SJRC under Christine’s leadership and were duly impressed…both by what she already had accomplished and by her vision for the Ranch’s future. Confident in Christine's outstanding leadership, Staples became an ongoing contributor to SJRC. Staples always knew that its contributions would be well-managed; and we were delighted to know that our help was making a marked difference in the lives of these needy kids.

Christine is a visionary and an exemplary innovative leader.  An ardent advocate for at-risk kids, she built St. Jude’s Ranch into a model for public-private collaboration and for the expanded delivery of desperately needed therapeutic services. With integrity and professionalism, Christine navigated complex governance structures and hidebound bureaucracies. She articulated a clear and compelling vision for St. Jude’s Ranch, and brought that vision to life through breakthrough innovations and consistently thorough execution.

Christine is an extraordinary communicator and a gifted strategist who understands the economic levers of business.  She has an unique ability to unlock organizational value and create differentiated competitive advantages.

The bottom line: Christine Spadafor is an impressive and talented leader. She excels at both developing strategic opportunities and executing them to deliver stellar results. I highly recommend Christine's board advisory and management consulting services.


Billy G. McCoy, Major General USAF (Ret)

Director at Boyd Gaming and One Nevada Credit Union

"In my 30 year career as a military officer, I was responsible for several diverse, very complex organizations, privileged to work closely with talented men and women whose strong suits were leadership and integrity. I recognize such talent and these same traits in Christine Spadafor.

She serves with me on the Boyd Gaming Corporation Board of Directors, and is consistently a strong, key contributor on the Audit Committee and the Nominating and Governance Committee, for which I currently chair.

Based on my her proactive contribution to the board and her vast corporate experience, I see her as a first round draft choice for any corporation looking to expand their board with multi talented skills. I provide this recommendation without reservation."


William H. Morley

Vice President, Global Talent Development at Patheon

"As an HR executive, executive coach, and developer of talent for more than 30 years I have worked and collaborated with hundreds of talented executives. During my long career, however, I never met anyone quite like Christine Spadafor.

Christine Spadafor is a consummate professional. With formidable business skills and intellectual capabilities, she is committed, disciplined, and passionate about her work. In addition, she has the emotional intelligence that makes her highly effective in coaching executives and managing complex boardroom dynamics.

In my two years of working with Christine as Board Chair (St. Jude's Ranch for Children), I always found her to be a tremendous partner. She is creative, hard-working, resourceful, highly principled, straightforward and uncommonly bright.

I cannot recommend Christine Spadafor more highly."


Joseph Jackson

Director of Human Resources, WellHealth Quality Care

"For more than eight years, I served under the leadership of CEO Christine Spadafor at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children where I was the Director of Human Resources. During that time, I experienced Christine as a tireless advocate for the children and the staff. She accepted the nearly impossible job to turnaround the organization that was months away from closing – and then developed the business infrastructure and strategies that still kept it open nine years later. I admired her dedication to protect and improve the lives of the more than 2,000 abused, abandoned and homeless children that passed through the doors during her tenure."


Jennifer Tietz

MBA Graduate, Dartmouth Tuck School of Business

"I interacted extensively with Christine Spadafor during her lectures and conversations at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. As a Visiting Executive Fellow I had the opportunity to meet with dozens of impressive executives across industry and functional expertise areas. Christine was easily the most engaging, dynamic and caring of them all."


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